Full of regret. Also, hot dogs.

Guys, I am SO SORRY.

This whole ‘job thing’ is totally getting in the way of my blog time.

It’s a strange thing. Brain-wise, the job is super simple. But standing on my feet all day, being super nice to everyone, trying to figure out how many of the cute young boys are gay – IT’S COMPLETELY EXHAUSTING.

Two nights ago, I only had the energy to half-remove my bra before falling asleep. And then wondered why all my dreams were about my arms being trapped.

Just now, I tried to use my Oyster Card to unlock the front door.

I am tired. But I have STUFF TO TELL YOU.

Stay tuned, my friends. A regular post will be with you in a couple of days.


4 thoughts on “Full of regret. Also, hot dogs.

    • Sorry all. Been abducted my workplace. Thinking about just setting up a bed there and being done with it.

      Thank you all for your patience and support!

      Yours in hotdogs,


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