Chick Tick One: A new ‘do

So a few weeks ago, I made a Chick List. A list of things to do, changes to make, that could lead me to love and happiness.

To recap, the list included:

  1. Dye my hair red
  2. Try a new (and preferably strange) type of exercise. Tai Chi, capoeira, handball, something like that
  3. Take a photography course (and put some pictures on the blog)
  4. Buy some Doc Martens. And wear them
  5. Go speed dating
  6. Buy something expensive and selfish
  7. Take a trip on my own
  8. Make pastry
  9. Try tuna
  10. Break the law

Within a minute of posting the list, my phone started buzzing. This was a typical piece of advice from one of my best friends:

Do NOT dye your hair red. It clashes with pink!

From there, the feedback kept flooding in. Hair colours (with handy Google pics for reference), Doc Marten choices. As far as my appearance goes, it seems my friends and readers are really invested in my future.

It took THREE DAYS before anyone mentioned anything about me breaking the law.

Well, first lesson learned. People care more about how you look than your moral compass. THAT’S where I’ve been going wrong all these years! Armed with a bunch of pictures of Katy Perry (during her kinda-normal red-haired phase, not the crazy purple experiment) I sought out a London hairdresser, and a brand new look.

I’ve written before about how I’m not very brave. I’ve had a variation of the same haircut my entire life. My natural brown hair hasn’t been coloured for more than a decade (after a traumatic highlights debacle that inspired the name, ‘Skunkhead’). So understandably, I was a little nervous as I made my rambling pitch to the hairdresser. “I want it to be RED. But not SO red that it looks fake. Natural red. But a bit darker. A BIT fake. It has to look like I’ve been adventurous. But perhaps, it happened by itself. Oh, and I want to look FANTASTIC. Can you do that?”

This is the point where the hairdresser is meant to reassure you, to tell you you’ll look great, and everything will be OK. Well, not this guy (yes the hairdresser was a guy. Also, straight!).

“This is going to be a MAJOR change,” he said. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” He looked dubiously at my face. “You’re pretty pale. You’re going to have to wear a lot of makeup. And those pink lips? You’re definitely going to have to change that.”

WELL. You can call me pale. You can criticise my split ends. You can even point out my grey hairs (and he did). But you will NEVER tell me to abandon my pink lipstick. Pink lipstick DEFINES me! Emboldened, I told the man to chuck even more red into the mix, and get dyeing.

And now, it’s done. You are reading the work of an adventurous, red-haired, pink lipstick-wearing blogger. One who might not conform to the colour rules of her local hairdresser (what do you know anyway, STRAIGHT MALE HAIRDRESSER?) or her caring friends, but one who feels PRETTY DAMN FABULOUS.

Next stop, bizarre exercise!

9 thoughts on “Chick Tick One: A new ‘do

  1. I hope this doesn’t sound too creepy but I wanted to say that I recently found and read through your blog after spotting a twitter link and I’m really enjoying it! Mostly because I’m in a similar situation to you – loving writing and enjoying life but recently single, approaching 30, stuck in Australia and wanting to leave, etc. But I just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying your blog.

    • Not creepy at all – I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

      As long as I keep meeting dodgy men, and finding myself in awfully embarrassing situations, I’ll keep you entertained.

      And if you want to get away from Australia… go for it! It’s scary (and SO, SO cold), but a total adventure.

      • Well, I’ve already done the living in London with her dodgy men adventure and it was brilliant. So am planning the next destination.

  2. I can’t wait to read about your bizarre exercise. 🙂 Hopefully there won’t be any dodgy men in sight while this occurs, though it would make a better story…

  3. I will always look after ur moral compass over ur looks cos u are beautiful just the way u are. I would bail u out of jail if I needed to though. Xx

  4. After spending a month in Beijing on my own for a month I highly recommend #7 to take a trip on your own. I have never felt so empowering and in control in my life. It was a very empowering experience and really encourage you to do it : )

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