By now, you must know how I feel about pink shoes. To me, they are the prettiest, happiest things in the whole world. When I’m wearing my pink shoes, I get an extra bounce in my step. They actually improve my mood. It’s weird and makes no sense, but I totally and utterly love them.

At last count, I had 24 pairs of pink shoes. Ugg boots, thongs (which might mean something very different to my US and UK readers!), sneakers, slippers, I have them all. But more than anything, I have pink heels. So, so many pairs. It’s ridiculous – they’re not even that different. They are ALL enclosed. I don’t even mess with the shade – they are ALL hot pink. But to me, each and every pair is unique and special. Some have sequins, some have frills. I love them all.

What I am far less excited about, are what lives inside the shoes. My feet. But they are the stars of a special post over at Toemail. Go check it out! It’s worth it, I promise you. There’s even a butterfly!

While you’re there, check out the rest of the site, and let me know what you think. I’m PRETTY SURE it’s a cute idea. I’m hoping it’s not a go-to spot for creepy men who like feet.


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